I hope so because I am wondering about them too.

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Inspired by The Female Armor Bingo, I present to you my short guide to armor bust areas, to better help you decide what to wear :P

Any resemblance to particular armors, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Well… mostly.

Edit: Here’s a follow-up picture- the butt area

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Given how people generally seemed to like my previous female armor post (save for one comment that argued that criticizing the depiction of warrior women wearing these and stating that in real life warrior women wouldn’t wear anything like that and that these are highly sexualized is slut-shaming of fictional characters), I’m happy to present part two. Originally it was going to be about torso armor, but several people asked for butts. Now, I hadn’t given thought to butts as much, because unlike boobs, that are depicted as existing almost separately from the entire body, butts are more often incorporated into the rest of the outfit.

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Owls are weird, man.

I love owls

there’s been a disturbing lack of owls on my blog lately, i must remedy this 

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